About Me

I’m a recent graduate from Mt. Holyoke College where I majored in Romance Languages, specializing in Spanish and Catalan, and minored in Journalism, Media and Public discourse. Beyond my language and reporting courses, I’ve taken classes in cross-departmental fields, from ancient studies to data science.

I’m passionate about pursuing stories. From pitching to interviewing to writing — plus everything else in between — I love the work that goes into quality journalism and the reward of publishing.

During my time in college, I reported for the school’s student-run newspaper: The Mount Holyoke News, covering on-campus updates and larger community controversies. Academically, I’ve taken courses with professional journalists and wrote stories out of Holyoke and Northampton in community-based learning courses. I also learned Python at Mount Holyoke, and am prepared to work with data in journalism projects.

I’ve also gained journalism practice through an internship at an alt-weekly in Louisville, KY and New England Public Radio in Springfield, MA.

To read more about my experience, my resume is available here.

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